Fatale_graphic_novelIf you are a fan of crime noirs, exciting mysteries, creepy horror, and/or Ed Brubaker’s writing style, than Fatale is something you should be reading! In volume one, we are introduced to the series’ antagonist, Josephine, a stunningly beautiful and seemingly ageless woman. Nicolas Lash, our protagonist, soon realizes that something is not right about Josephine, and soon becomes obsessed with learning as much about her as he can. His search for answers takes him down a dark path through decades past, to 1950s San Francisco, where we meet a reporter who gets in far too deep with Josephine. In volume two, Josephine leaves her mark on 1970s Hollywood, and Nick’s fascination for the mysterious woman grows. It seems like the more Nick learns about Josephine’s history, the more he finds himself under her spell. So far two TPs of Fatale have been released. After reading both trades, readers can easily jump in at issue 11. This is the first of four standalone ‘flashback’ issues, which chronicle more of Josephine’s intriguing past. Fatale is a gripping, intriguing mystery series you won’t want to miss, so hop on and enjoy the ride!