So you do want to jump into a series that is very well written, with awesome art, and a great storyline? Then you should pick up your copies of Thor God of Thunder!

In my humble opinion this title is one of the best new Marvel Now titles out right now (and all of the Big B Barrie crew loves it too!). In this current storyline, we are introduced to Thor as a young man, middle-aged Thor, and Thor at the end of his life. At each point in time, Thor is on a seemingly impossible quest, to seek out and destroy the God Butcher, a mysterious and very deadly hunter intent on torturing and killing every God in existence. As Thor searches for the Butcher, he comes across many slain Gods, and with each dead God he finds he becomes increasingly distraught and ever more determined to bring the God-killer to justice. So far four single issues have been released, and have been flying off the shelves. You can find first prints and re-prints of Thor God of Thunder at your local Big B store, so be sure to get your copies as soon as possible!