Power Girl TPB

We all know the comic book golden rule. The more skin there is in a comic, the less story goes into the comic. But for every rule there is an exception! Power Girl IS that exception. A cousin of Superman and living in another dimension, Karen Starr keeps busy running Starr labs, hanging out with her best friend Atlee and saving New York City on an almost hourly basis. It’s written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti who are an awesome team to come up with this series and drawn by Amanda Conner (That’s right, a lady drawing the cheesecake!) I don’t think I can stress enough with this trade, it isn’t just another cheesecake comic with no content! READ IT! IT’S GOOD!


Invincible TPB

Mark Grayson is just a normal kid doing his best to get through high school. Well as normal as a kid can get when his father is the super powered protector of the Earth known as Omni-Man. Follow Mark on his journey from normal kid to the most powerful super hero on Earth known as INVINCIBLE. This series is up to volume 15 for a reason! It’s fun, it’s VIOLENT, it’s a great take on what being an actual super hero would be like. My personal favorite volume was number 14 “The Viltrumite War” Where Mark and his friends do a full on battle with the most powerful race in the universe the Viltrumites, and nothing is held back every page was more dynamic and action packed than the last. READ THIS COMIC.


Prophet #21

The best way to describe this book is old school strange. Published by Image this comic launches off at issue #21. John Prophet awakes from cryo-sleep to a desolate Earth that has been re-inhabited by strange bug people who feed on the ape-men the human race has devolved into. It is John’s mission to restart the human race but first he must travel across the continent through war and monsters and strange cultures to do it. This comic really reminds me of old school Heavy Metal Magazine, it’s strange and awesome and you can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next.