So if you’re anything like me, and in my experience a lot of you are, you’ve either been searching for a great comic book cataloging program or have created your own spreadsheet to keep track of your comic books. Well cancel your subscription to the program and delete your spreadsheet because after a long journey I have found what we’ve all been looking for:

At Stash My Comics you can catalog your entire collection with just a few clicks and you never need to reorganize once it’s done! All you have to do is sign up for free, log in for free, search the comics you have in your collection or the ones that you want for you collection. Then after you put the comics you’ve found in their own category that you can delegate. Stash My Comics will then tell you the news stand price of when your collection was first in print, what you paid for it AND what the current value of your entire collection is according to their sources. You can create a “wish list” that will show you all the covers that you’re looking for and it is just a simple click again to put those comics into your stash once you have found them.

There are pull list features where you can be updated on what’s in your pull box every week and then easily putting those comics into your stash list. I have only just begun cracking into this site, but it was to good to not tell everyone that I can about this! I feel like I have to mention again this site is Free people! and it works incredibly well! Give it a shot before you head to the Big B Bargain Bins and you will not regret it!