As we all know the first Saturday in May is always the great and wonderful Free Comic Book Day. Well that got me thinking what other great things are there in May? Well growing up in Sauble Beach there was always May 2-4 that was always fun and the first hints of summer always beginning to creep up (except for this year which has been awesome hot so far!) But somehow that just wasn’t enough for me! So I grabbed my car and three guys who share this passion of comic books and hit the road on the last Saturday in May for the 2012 Big B World Tour!

John, Nathan, Marshall and I (Blue) started off at our local Big B Comics Barrie. Located at 241 Essa Road, Just off Highway 400. Where we all bought our subscriptions and looked around in the back issues section beginning our long journey of sorting through back issue comics and buying the Trade Paper Backs that we’ve been eying up for weeks. Once we were finished we waved at Alice-ann good-bye as we began the first driving portion of our journey.

Second up and furthest away was Big B Comics Niagara Falls. Located at 6689 Lundy’s Lane, just up the street from the famous Flying Saucer Restaurant, where we met Wade who let us check out the store and their awesome selection of trades and T-shirts (I bought a sweet vintage looking Iron Man T-Shirt.) Then he let us ogle at their huge selection of vintage toys, vintage comics, and trades. After some talking and goofing around we hit the road again to do some quick sight seeing and off to Big B Comics Hamilton.

Once we hit Big B Hamilton located at 1045 Upper James Street, it was a quick hello to the Informer’s own Nicole and We got back to Barrie and sat down for an after road trip beverage at my house. Laughing and talking about what a great trip we had and about our next one we’ll take together.

The Big B World Tour 2012 was a fantastic success, and if you and your friends want to go on one let your local shop know! We’ll inform the others to let them know you’re coming.then straight down to the Back Issue Basement for John, Nathan and I, where we scoured the thousands of back issue comics looking for those few that we needed to complete old runs. I picked up 30 comics from Wolverine’s first ongoing series that I needed and at $1.99 a comic it didn’t set me back nearly as much as it should have. Marshall stayed upstairs looking for old awesome Trade Paper Backs and Hard Covers to use as reference for his own comic books and even found a few out of print books that he quickly bought and added to his collection. Then it was finally time for food so we went across the street for some awesome Thai food at Spice Ave. Then back on the road for the last time to go home.