That’s all I really need to say. In fact if anyone ever asks you about Batman: Earth One, just look them straight in the eye and repeat this simple phrase, “Geoff Johns, is a BOSS!” Then send them to Big B Comics so they can get their copy and join the club.

In an alternate universe (called Earth One) a story that we have all heard unfolds. Key elements include a prosperous family in a city named Gotham take their son to the theater, who are then mugged, two shots from a gun, a pearl necklace breaking and falling to the street, a now orphaned boy buying a scary costume and becoming a detective.

So now you may ask “What’s the point? We’ve all already seen this a hundred times!” To which I will politely point out how awesome this retelling is. These new takes on old characters makes them (to me) more believable and awesome, like Detective Bullock has gone from an Internal Affairs enemy number one to a spotlight hound detective who wants to solve the murder of the Waynes and be the best darned cop he can be while getting the head lines! Or the butler Alfred who was once some stuffy British guy is now an awesome war veteran, with mad fighting skills and the demeanor of a man that has be thrown into a position that he was neither ready or prepared for.

The pencils are done by Gary Frank and coloring has been done by Brad Anderson and if you’ll look to the right and above this sentence. You will see all you’ll need to know about how awesome these guys work together. It’s so dark and moody, you can almost feel how cold and damp Gotham is no matter what time of day or year. Speaking of cold, damp and dark Gotham, Jonathan Sibal had his worked cut out for him with how much shadow and darkness he had to ink into this story. If anything this book should be put on a pedestal for its artistic team. I was undoubtedly impressed.

The long and short of all of this is. If you like Superman: Earth One then you will love Batman: Earth One because this series and how awesome it has been I can’t wait for Superman’s second volume to come out. Earth One means quality!