Quick Reviews Spider-men


Take one part Amazing and one part Ultimate, mix together with some Mysterio, let simmer for five issues, and you get Spider-Men. Peter Parker gets sucked into the Ultimate Universe to hang out with Miles Morales. They meet almost instantly and then awesomeness ensues! If you’re reading either one of the series, check this one out!

Tired of the same old Romeo and Juliet love story? Well let’s make it so Juliet isn’t 13 and Romeo has ram horns! In Saga the narrator retells the story of her birth and the trials of her parents who try to escape their waring species merely days after her birth. It has unique and interesting aliens and laser gun fights and an acceptable amount of nudity. This is a great story but definitely not for kids!

captain marvel

Captain Marvel #1
Like Ms. Marvel? Want to see her in her own book? Well look no further my friend! The new Captain Marvel has been unmasked and he’s a she! Carol Danvers is back in a big bad way and she’s doing what she does best: kicking butt and being Earth’s mightiest hero! And check out the cameo scene in this book! First issue and she’s already hanging out with Cap and Spidey!Green Lantern Corps
Ryan Reynolds isn’t what you’re looking for in a space cop? Well no problemo! This series is all about the other guys! Mainly John Stewart (not the comedian), Guy Gardner (also not a comedian) and their many misadventures in and around Oa. Currently the storyline is based around John being put on trial for the murder of another Green Lantern! Will he be guilty? Will the punishment be death?!!?! Maybe! Come check out what the other guys are doing hit-girlwhile Sinestro and Jordan are off looking like rock stars!

She can do back flips, defuse bombs, knows kung-fu and can take a point blank gunshot to the chest (while wearing the vest). But what she doesn’t know how to do is deal with high school mean girls! Come check out little Mindy in the third chapter of the hit series Kick-ass! It’s fun, it’s violent, it’s Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.. You can’t go wrong!