If you know me you know that I really like Spawn. LikeSpawn HC really, REALLY like Spawn! This is by far the best way to be reading it. So far the series is on volume six which brings everything up to issue #75. These gorgeous hard covers collect every single issue (including the infamous issue #10) with full colour and enlarged pages. Simply put they are beautiful and I can’t get enough of them.

An awesome part is the price. $29.99 gets you a year worth of Spawn gold and there is no end in sight! Volume seven has been solicited and there’s no reason why there won’t be a volume eight. Spawn is celebrating its 20th anniversary and there’s a reason why it has lasted so long. So come check these out and see why I’m so mental for Spawn.

If you’re not a hardcover collector, Image has also released the series in softcover. It’s up to volume 11 (issue #92) and for only $14.99 it can’t be beat!