Joker FaceThis year I don’t get to go to Fan Expo *tear* but if I was going I’d be first in line to give Greg Capullo a high five! Who is Greg Capullo you ask? Well he just draws a little known book called “BATMAN” and he’s been one of my favorite artists for a very long time.

I first noticed Greg working on Spawn comics way back in the day with Todd McFarlane (in an 80 issue run) where in my opinion he did some of his best work and no matter what Ed at ComicbookDaily.Com thinks I think “Spawn” is awesome! And if you agree with me, well, you’ll be excited to know that he’ll be doing autographs at FanExpo Saturday at 4 and Sunday at 3.


Greg will also be starting a new Batman story line with writer

Scott Snyder in Batman #13 called “Death of the Family”, and it’s all based around the clown prince of crime returning to Gotham.

It’s too bad I don’t get to go this year but if anyone gets the chance give Greg a high five for me and let him know he’s awesome, that’d be great.