Pencil HolderSuperman had the fortress of solitude and Batman has his batcave. Every man needs his own personal space, his Man-Cave, where he can do what ever he wants and decorate it as he pleases. Let’s face it, not all of us are lucky enough to find a wonderful woman who wants a framed Spawn poster in the family room.

spawn posterSo you’ve worked your way into your own personal space, your cave, now what? Well first off get your desk and shelves set up. Then head out to Big B Comics! We have everything you need. From statues to fill your desk to beautiful Absolute and Omnibus hardcovers to stack onto your shelves! Looking for something reallydifferent? Check out the Previews to find special order items that you want to display and make an awesome show piece, like a Deadpool Pencil Holder! Or special order perfect looking posters which you can have framed and display your favorite super heroes by your favorite artists (Like the Spawn 20th anniversary poster). There are new and awesome things coming out every week, and at the end of the day it’s your space! Make it you!

It’s fun and easy and speaking personally, my man cave is a point of pride when I get to show off how hard I’ve worked on my collections of figures, hardcovers, and singles. I just can’t help get others excited in my hobbies too.