Okay if you haven’t been following along with any of the four Lantern titles I’ll just have to fill you in on this really, really quick. The beings that created the Green Lantern Corps are called the Guardians. They are ancient and very powerful, and they have lost their way. In the last 12 issues of any of the Green Lantern comics (CorpsNew Guardians and Green Lantern) we have seen the beginnings of the Guardians plan to dismantle the entire spectrum of lanterns.

Well the teasers are over kids! The Rise of the Third Army has begun with Green Lantern Annual #1, on shelves right now! And with no spoiler alerts I can honestly tell you that no one will be able to guess where this one is going to end up! Come see the rest of the Guardian race, The First Lantern and the return of Black Hand!

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