asm695Have you been waiting for a good jumping on point for the Amazing Spider-Man? Well wait no longer my friend! Because the upcoming issue #695 is the one! In the previous story line, Peter accidentally created his own super-teen named Alpha, who for the last month has been the most powerful hero on Earth, and also the most reckless. Fortunately for all of us *Spoiler Alert* Spider-Man saved his Aunt May and found a way to power him down before anyone got hurt (too badly). The new story line is all about Hobgoblin awesomeness. And everyone is gearing up for Spider-Man #700 to see what the Kingpin has in store for our favorite wall crawler. So reserve your copy of the greatest super hero story of all time and get Amazing Spider-Man #695 added to your pull list and we’ll see you on its release date, October 3rd.