MichonneMissed the April issue of Playboy? Well worry no more because the only article that we actually wanted to see in there has been reprinted in this month’s Walking Dead: Michonne Special #1! The origin story that everyone has been waiting to actually see has been tied in seamlessly with Michonne’s first appearance from Walking Dead #19. If you’re a fan of the TV show only, this is a great chance to get into the comic. Michonne is the bad-ass sword wielding woman that saved Andrea right at the end of Season Two and should figure prominently in Season Three.

If you have been reading the comics, trust me, this is not just reprint/filler material. The extra pages from Michonne’s origin are worth the price of admission. They give a more in depth look at a classic character, and show how our favourite katana wielding, stone cold killer started out vulnerable, scared, and as alone as we all will be when the zompocolypse begins.

Walking Dead: Michonne Special is a one shot, 32 page comic and is in stock now at all Big B stores for just $2.99.