Northlanders_20Big, smelly killers; I love Vikings and all things Viking! Their whole culture, from one end of the globe to the other, interests me to no end. So luckily for me Brian Wood (DMZ) did the amazing series Northlanders. And the best part is that this isn’t your typical ‘meet the main character and follow him through seven volumes in an epic journey of awesome story’. Each volume is about different characters with multiple stories, in different periods of time; all with amazing tragic tales of survival and infamy.

Volumes 1 – 7 are all available at your local Big B Comics and are all between the low, low prices of $14.99 and $17.99. My favorite book of them all was volume three “Blood In The Snow”, but more specifically the story “Lindisfarne” with art done by Dean Ormston. The story is that of a small boy who is raised by his father and abusive brother. When the Northern Vikings come to loot the local monastery, young Edwin sees his chance to escape the abuse of his father and his father’s new found religion and go back to the old ways, the old Gods. “…The ones who mean business. The old Germanic ones with terrible names and terrible deeds. The ones who make little kids shake in fear long after the bed time stories end.” The young boy proves himself to the Northern Vikings and they agree to take him as an equal. Great story!

Northlander is by far one of my favorite finds since joining the Big B Family. I really hope you take this advice and pick it up! Because “When the sea heaves up and crashes down… When the forests moan… When the Earth itself trembles beneath your feet… Know that the Northmen are here.”