Woliverine_MaxHe’s little, he’s hairy and he’s not for kids.

I love the MAX titles. It always seems a little more real to me, the way the violent characters are allowed to finally be, well… VIOLENT. The language is a definitely more crass and there are “Romantic” situations that seem more real to me for adults, rather than the “I’m in my 30’s-40’s and I just can’t seem to work up the courage to ask out this girl that I’ve been in love with for the last 300 issues”. I think that’s why Punisher MAX worked so well for so long and his trades (available at your local Big B Comics for about $15.99) still fly off the shelf.

But we’re not here to talk about Garth Ennis’ legendary run on Punisher MAX we’re here to talk about Jason Starr’s soon to be legendary run with Wolverine MAX! With issue 4 just hitting shelves I think we can all look back warmly on the early stumbles of the book (an early artist switch up between issues 1, 2 and 3) and appreciate it for what it is. A book where wolverine can finally USE HIS CLAWS! So if you’re like a few people I know and you picked up the first and set it back down again, give this title a second chance! And if you’re stepping in fresh, the growing pains are over and this book is about to hit its stride in a big bad way!

We’ve seen this story line before, but it’s still a classic for the Wolverine universe. Wolverine wakes up in Japan with memory loss and a dead girlfriend. Enter Sabertooth, add in flash backs and new history of Wolverine and awesome ensues. Luckily this isn’t the regular old story line. This one is not for the kids, it’s a MAX title! That means the fights with Sabertooth are big, mean and bloody! So if you’re like me and you want to see what the Runt can do. Grab this title and never look back!