Batman: An Introduction

BATMAN_TP_VOL_01_THE_COURT_OF_OWLSBatman is one of those comic book characters that anyone can identify. Comics, cartoons, radio shows, television shows, and movies; since his creation Batman has appeared in almost every medium. But let’s say you haven’t read a Batman comic before and you are ready to jump down the rabbit hole, where do you start?

Well the easy answer is with DC’s New 52. In September 2011 DC rebooted their whole universe and Batman is one of the characters that benefited greatly from this. That’s not because of any major changes that were made. The relaunch helped Batman because no one wanted to walk into a comic book store and pick up Batman #700+ as their first step into Batman. DC’s New 52 didn’t erase all of his history, but they did make it easy for new readers to pick up the first book and understand everything. So the easiest way to jump into the world of Bruce Wayne is to buy the collected volumes:  Batman Volume 1: Court of Owls collects issues #1-7 ($24.99 hardcover, $16.99 paperback) and Batman Volume 2: City of Owls ($24.99 hardcover, the paperback is being released October 9 for $16.99). Batman Volume 3: Death of the Family is being released in hardcover on October 9.


Maybe you’ve read New 52 Batman and want more. Well we’ve asked some of our staff what other Batman books they would suggest to new readers:

Jeremy – Batman: Cacophony. This way they can get a taste of just how fun Batman limited series can be.

Adam – Batman: Year One. Frank Miller’s seminal story and still one of the greatest Batman stories ever.

Wade – Batman: Black Mirror. Scott Snyder writes Batman like I’ve never seen him before; darker than ever.