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Live From NFCC: Drawing with Albuquerque and Eaglesham


Rafael began talking about breaking into the industry doing work for an Egyptian comic book publisher which lead to work at BOOM! Doing several things including concept art for 2 Guns which has since become a major motion picture and interiors for many books. From there he moved to DC and did work on Blue Beetle than Superman/Batman before moving on to American Vampire which suited him perfectly. Read More →

Live From NFCC: Manapul, Hester and Paquette Talk Copyrights, DC Comics and Much (Alan) Moore!


The panel opened with only Francis ready to go so he started on how he broke into the industry. He said he’d make copies of his work and take it to all the cons and would show everybody who would look in hopes someone would give him work he went into detail about his very specific sample shots he’d use which showed real people, action shots and told a story. Read More →

Live From NFCC: Creating Comics With Your Friends Starring Conner, Palmiotti and Cooke


What do Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Darwyn Cooke have in common? They’re all comic creators, they all do a lot of work for DC Comics, they also shared a panel at Niagara Falls Comic Con! The husband and wife team of Palmiotti and Conner (current writers of Harley Quinn) popularity is at an all time high and Cooke has won multiple awards for his work on the comic adaptation of the Parker novels among other things. They’re also great friends and their panel was a lot of fun to listen to! Read More →

Live From NFCC: Meet The Finches


Upon introduction at their panel the moderator credited them as creator of Bucky O’Hare which I remember from the NES, which would pre-date both David and Meredith’s careers in comics. It’s at this point we learned our first lesson, don’t trust everything we read on Wikipedia. The talk then turned to Wonder Woman. Meredith talked about their upcoming plans for the second arc of their run which included the Gods from Brian Azzarello’s run showing up. Read More →