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Star Wars Ramblings (Episode 7 and Beyond!)


It’s been roughly three months since The Force Awakens opened in theaters. There’s a good chance you saw it more than once (alas here’s your spoiler warning just in case), and rightfully so. The team that worked on it did a stellar job. However there’s a weird Twilight Zone-type universe where I worked on it, and here’s what I would do differently, and how the story would progress beyond Episode … Read More →

Movie Review: Batman vs Robin


Batman and the new Robin, his son Damian Wayne, clash over different codes of morality while protecting Gotham from villains. While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman’s no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls. Read More →

Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2


Now I really enjoyed the first installment of Hot Tub Time Machine and I will admit that I didn’t look at any of the ratings on the movie. I had seen the trailer for it some time ago after knowing they would have made a second one after the ending of the first. Read More →

Movie Review: Tusk


Now I have been wanting to watch this movie for some time and I had put it off for a long time until now. I have always loved Kevin Smith and what he has done. I have seen almost everything he has directed and I haven’t been disappointed. Read More →

Tucker and Dale vs Evil


I’m going to start off by saying that this movie was a nice, refreshing breeze compared to some of the b-movies that I’ve seen.
It takes a step back from the usual approach of your typical horror b-movie. Read More →

Movie Review: Night Crawler


This film shows the ugly underbelly of what being an ambulance chaser is like, if that makes sense. Banking off of one’s worst and horrific moment in their life for you to achieve your moment of greatness. Jake plays a thief names Louis trying to make a living originally from stealing chain link fences and beating up security guards to being entranced with his first experience of on the scene News Reporting. Also known as Night Crawling. Read More →

Movie Review: The Shiek

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Well this is a movie that has been on my watch list ever since I saw its release last year. Now if you don’t follow @the_ironsheik on Twitter then you are missing out on some hilarious tweets about pop culture icons. Read More →



Today I thought it’d be fun to put on that fan casting hat and try to decide the best three choices for who’d be the right guy to fill Spider-Man’s shoes when he debuts in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film before getting his own solo film in 2017. Read More →

Mr. Holmes


Sir Ian McKellan plays an older version of everyone’s favorite detective (well mine at least, sorry batman) living out his twilight years in Sussex tending to his bees and recounting his exciting life. Read More →