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Notes 4 Newbies – Part VI: The Event


Today, I’m going to focus on “The Event.” A word that’s thrown around quite a bit in the comic book medium but it is something that is still relatively new and becoming more and more prevalent. You may have noticed a lot of advertising recently about Secret Wars from Marvel Comics and Convergence from DC Comics. Read More →

Notes 4 Newbies – Part IV: Solicitations


It’s like a month’s worth of movie trailers coming out all at once! This is when you can see what comics are coming out two – three months from now. This is where you can adjust your Pull List at your local comic shop and when you can start looking forward to new projects from your favourite writers and artists. Read More →

Notes 4 Newbies – Part III: Expanding Your Horizons


I think there are some newer readers out there that jumped into comics with a big book like the Avengers or X-Men or Batman or whatever big book that is related to a movie but now don’t know what else to try. These are the marquee characters that everyone has heard of so it’s easy for a new reader to jump onto a book with a familiar name… Read More →