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Board Games 101


So you’ve wandered around your friendly neighborhood Big B and took a gander at some of the amazingly enticing board games that we’ve got on the shelf. Where do you start? Read More →

X-Wing Miniatures

xwing pic ian ball

The X-Wing Miniatures game from Fantasy Flight combines many aspects that make a board game great. The one-on-one outplay and outwit style, the brilliantly executed Star Wars dogfighting theme, and the beautifully crafted game components that Fantasy Flight have been known for Read More →

More Games at Big B!


We love board games at the Hamilton Big B shop! The entire crew gets together once a month to sit down and play some of the awesome games we have for sale at the shop and boy do we have some good ones! Here’s a few more games worth checking out this holiday season. Gloom – A spooky card game that has the players try their best to kill off their game … Read More →

New Games at Big B!

While we have carried such board games as The Walking Dead (the comic and AMC’s versions), Settlers of Catan and even Futurama Yatzee for awhile, a week ago a whole bunch of new games mysteriously arrived here in Hamilton! Hamilton Big B’er Laura is probably our biggest table top gamer and she is kind enough to share her knowledge of these new games. So here is her breakdown of four … Read More →