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Grown Man Reads Kids Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition!

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Free Comic Book Day 2016 has come and gone, serving as a pretty exciting time for us comic book readers. For those that don’t know Free Comic Book Day is an annual event in which comic book stores all across North America give away free comics to everyone who comes out. This event always takes place on the first Saturday of May (May 7th this year) and as usual Big … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, Marvel launches the Secret Wars tie-in, House Of M, Archie continues his recent relaunch with its sophomore issue, and we get to see more of Valiant Comics’ latest event with the second issue of Book of Death.   House Of M #1 Following years of war between humans and mutants, one side has finally prevailed with a powerful monarchy emerging to lead this … Read More →

Grown Man Reads Kids Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition!


To learn more about this wonderful day you can hit up, to learn about some of the titles I’m most excited for you can check out my previous article HERE, but the best part about Free Comic Book Day is taking your family and friends out that might not read comics otherwise but I mean they’re free so why not? Best of all if you have some little friends or family that you want to get into the wonderful world of comics there is a ton of all-ages titles you can pick up for them at Big B, so let’s check out a few… Read More →

Archie vs. Predator


The writing in this first issue is much more Archie than Predator. The Gee-Whiz catchphrases and silly plot devices are happily intact, except with a blood-thirsty space hunter waiting in the wings. It really is an Archie comic through and through, which makes the inclusion of the Predator that much more entertaining in a perverse “I’m feeding my pet boa constrictor, wanna come over and watch it eat a live rat?” sort of way…but instead of a rat, it’s Mr. Weatherbee. You get the idea. Read More →

Comics You Should Know For FCBD 2015


I’ve come up with five books that you should grab at Big B on May 2nd (AKA Free Comic Book Day 2015). Now these aren’t the books you’d expect, both Marvel and DC use FCBD to launch their newest events, in this case Marvel is releasing a zero issue of the upcoming Secret Wars and DC is releasing Divergence, a sneak peek at Superman, Batman and the Justice League post the ongoing Convergence event. Now that we got those sure-fire grabs out of the way, here’s five more picks. Read More →

Comics You Should Know For FCDB 2014


Though certain comics jump out at us right away (Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Smurfs, The New 52 – Future’s End, Rocket Racoon, ect.) it’s important to know that a lot of the gems of this years Free Comic Book Day will be the ones you don’t know about… Read More →