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Comic Book Love Stories


In the 1960s, Charlton Comics published a number of monthly “True-to-Life Stories of Romance!” including Teen Confessions, Love Diary, Teen-Age Love and Career Girl Romances. I promise I didn’t make that last one up. These are the sort of comics you’ll find on the shelf at your great-aunt’s cottage, likely where they have been sitting since September of 1963, left behind when some distant relation returned from one last labour day weekend cottage trip. Read More →

Undervalued Spotlight #156

Crime Does Not Pay #22, Comic House Inc (July 1942) Here’s another Spotlight I’ve been sitting on for a while, not sure why I haven’t posted it yet? Put simply Crime Does Not Pay #22 is one very important comic book. The book was way ahead of the curve. The summer of 1942 was a time when superheroes ruled, they were at their peak and busy fighting the good fight … Read More →