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Comics You Should Know For FCBD 2015


I’ve come up with five books that you should grab at Big B on May 2nd (AKA Free Comic Book Day 2015). Now these aren’t the books you’d expect, both Marvel and DC use FCBD to launch their newest events, in this case Marvel is releasing a zero issue of the upcoming Secret Wars and DC is releasing Divergence, a sneak peek at Superman, Batman and the Justice League post the ongoing Convergence event. Now that we got those sure-fire grabs out of the way, here’s five more picks. Read More →

Kaptara (spoiler free) Preview


First, it should be no surprise that this creative team is a home run. Kagan McLeod’s art will most likely be familiar to you from Infinite Kung Fu, and having it applied to a science fiction adventure is pretty rad. I think McLeod’s illustration style really harnesses what is being put forth here, fantastical beasts, lands and characters – all drawn in a way the eye can easily get lost in. Secondly, Chip Zdarsky’s writing shouldn’t need an introduction. You’ve all read Howard the Duck…RIGHT? Read More →

DC’s Convergence Is Almost Here


Convergence is comprised of a nine part weekly series and 40 two part miniseries and each series stars characters from one of three universes: Pre-New 52, Zero Hour or Crisis on Infinite Earths. These are three of DC’s biggest multiverse events: Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) dealt with countless parallel universes, Zero Hour (1994) with alternate timelines, and New 52 (2011) rebooted every series to a single continuity. Read More →

New Series Coming in January 2015


Are you looking for a new series to try? Here is a sample of the new series that are being released in January*. As always, if you see something you want please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure a copy is ordered for you. Remember, we cannot carry every title so if you really want a copy come into one of our stores to … Read More →

November Previews: New Series


The newest Previews catalogue was released last week! Everything in Previews is solicited about two months in advance, giving you tons of time to get excited. If you do plan on ordering something from Previews we need to know by November 20th for this month’s catalog to guarantee we can get things for you! Today’s post is taking a look at what new series are coming out: Read More →