Doctor Otto Octavius was a man great knowledge, a peerless mad genius and a gladiator to the end.

How will we remember Doc Ock? The answer is fondly.

Otto you rushed into our lives in a whirlwind of atomic experiments and ground breaking ideas. When a crazy lab explosion turned you into a freaky eight armed super-villian, we we’re hooked.  We understand that being turned into metallic armed monster gives you permission to commit crimes and build nutty doomsday weapons to prove how smart you are, even if Spider-man doesn’t.   We will remember you as the front man of your boy band, The Sinister Six, exchanging blows with Spider-man even if he always seemed to win. It was vindicating to see you succeed just once though before you passed.

May your Superior spirit live on while your body rests in peace. (Until of course it is a convenient storytelling device to bring you back.)

Doctor Otto Octavius