Avengers Vs X-men rattled the Marvel Universe to its core. Power corrupts even the incorruptible. The life of a mutant is a tough one within the Marvel Universe. Charles Xavier believed human and mutants could live in peace with mutants using their great powers to help better the human race. Magneto however believes that humans fear mutants and will rise up against them in an effort of self preservation. He believes mutants to be superior to humans and because of this their rulers.

When the Phoenix force returned to earth in the pages of AVX, Scott Summers aka Cyclops, Charles Xavier’s #1 student is possessed by the Phoenix. Cyclops strikes Xavier down, killing him, when he tries to stop Cyclops.

After Cyclops defeat at the hands of the Avengers plus X-men is where A Vs X Consequences begins. The Phoenix did cause the return of the mutants.  Scott Summers is now imprisoned for the murder of Charles Xavier.  A Vs X Consequences dictates Scott Summers fall from grace. Now more concerned about the survival of mutants rather than a peaceful co-existence with humans, Scott is beginning to sound more like Magneto than Professor X. With this radical new mindset, Cyclops sets new mutant centric goals. His escape from prison comes at the hands of his former enemy and newest teammate, Magneto.

Prepare yourself for a darker, meaner Cyclops when Uncanny X-Men NOW #1 today.