Throne_of_AtlantisThe Lost City of Atlantis takes center stage in Geoff Johns latest blockbuster event.  Beginning with the Prelude in Aquaman #14 and dancing between Aquaman and Justice League with the thrilling conclusion featured in Justice League #17. The story so far begins with a random bombing of the water where Atlantis sits. Infuriated and no longer afraid of the surface world, Atlantis declares war. Giant tidal waves crash into coastal cities with Gotham and Boston bearing the brunt of the attacks. All the Justice League can do is react. Aquaman meets with his brother and current ruler of Atlantis, Orm. The meeting takes a bad turn when the Justice League shows up. The Atlantian army captures most of the League dragging them into Atlantis’s prison, the Dark Waters. Cyborg must call in more heroes including Shazam, Black Canary, Firestorm and more to combat the Atlantian army.  Aquaman #16 is on Big B’s shelves today! And trust me; Aquaman is much more dangerous than you thought he was.