Think_Tank_TPIf you thought that athletes were the only ones recruited young you’re dead wrong. The government recruits the best and brightest at a young age as well and that’s exactly what happened to Dr. David Loren. At age 14 a government recruiter recruits David and he graduates from Cal-Tech and has his own government lab by age 19. For 9 years David Loren designed and built the best new killing devices the United States has ever seen. But people change and David Loren, the government’s smartest idiot and laziest overachiever is done with building weapons. David’s new direction has caused some tension with the government officials that supervise him. His superiors want him to build weapons again while David wants a new life. Using the government’s own checks and balances against them Dr David Loren makes an escape that would make Houdini drool. His escape makes the Great Escape look merely like the Marginally Adequate Escape. With the Government hot on his trail how long can David stay free?

To quote another Image title Nowhere Men, “science is the new rock and roll” and Dr David Loren is Elvis Presley! Head down to your local Big B comics and grab a few issues of Think Tank or maybe the first trade paperback (collects the first four issues) and who knows you may learn something!