Batman_TMNT_1_CoverI’d like to start off this post by apologizing for my lack of content recently but alas life is constantly changing and with that comes the realization that I must change with it. I’m not getting at a point where I stop reading comics, au contraire, these stories and this community is one of my constant highlights so afraid to say I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s just hope I can keep pumping out the content for you fine folks. Speaking of content if you read my bio you know that I love Batman and I love the Ninja Turtles so imagine my excitement when DC Comics and IDW Publishing partnered together to release a crossover series between the two. Well I’m happy to report the book is now on Big B shelves and more importantly in my hands so let’s give you a quick rundown on the book.

Batman_TMNT_1_PageSurprisingly for a #1 issue this book doesn’t provide much set-up. All we know is that somehow the Turtles and the Foot Clan ended up in Batman’s dimension smack in the middle of Gotham, no word how yet or how they plan to get back. What we do know is that the Foot are hitting up numerous laboratories and stealing high-tech machinery, but at every corner the Turtles try to stop them but end up unsuccessful. When Batman appears afterwards he gets reports of both the Turtles and the Foot and assumes they are in cahoots.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see The Dark Knight and the Heroes In A Half Shell on the same page until the end of this issue, we’re mostly treated to our two heroes taking on each others foes. We see the Turtles tangle with Killer Croc and his men in the sewers and Batman greet the Foot Clan when they try to break into Wayne Enterprises Research & Development division.

Batman_TMNT_1_PanelThe book is written by James Tynion IV, writer of The Woods, Constantine: The Hellblazer and a few issues of the ongoing DC weekly series Batman & Robin Eternal. Tynion does a fine job with both series and you can tell in his writing that this is a dream job for him, however his over-eagerness does show in some spots but given that this is a dream book for me as well it’s easy for a regular reader to skip over top. Freddie Williams II handles the artwork, I’m not terribly familiar with his work though I heard he did well on The Movement, but he shines in this book as he draws a gritty take on Batman and the Turtles which certainly fits the bill for Tynion’s writing.

If you’re a Turtles fan, a Batman fan or a fan of both you’ll want to pick this book up. Growing up in the early 90’s I only dreamed this scenario would happen in my Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair play set when Batman came to visit, but thanks to these two comic book publishers this has finally come to fruition and it’s everything I hoped it would be.


Grab a copy of issue #1 from your local Big B Comics now and make sure to swing by again on January 13th when issue #2 drops. Shell yeah!