Midnight_Over_Stellar_City_1_CoverI’ve noticed that the Big B blog doesn’t cover as many cat related books as I would like so I figured I’d do my part to add more into the [meow] mix. Bad puns aside let’s talk about Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City!

Midnight is a spinoff based on the character from the pages of Hero Cats Over Stellar City, which just released its tenth issue so look forward to a 10 Issues In on that in the near future. Anyway Midnight ties into the third arc of Hero Cats (Issues #7 – #9) but it isn’t actually required reading, though if you want, Hero Cats Vol. 3: The Crow King Saga is available now! The short is this: The Crow King is a nasty villain that was trying to invade Stellar City from another dimension. Bandit, one of the other Hero Cats, saved the day by shutting down the portal between dimensions but in the process got himself stuck in the other dimension as well. Ace, the leader of the Hero Cats, approaches Midnight, the sleuth of the group, about gathering intel on The Crow King so they can save Bandit. Every time Ace gets close to gaining some information, the Crow King’s spies vanish. Midnight, being the sleuth that he is, seems to be the perfect one for the job.

Midnight_Over_Stellar_City_2_CoverWhile investigating one of the Crow King’s hideouts, Midnight gets himself into some trouble trying to defuse a bomb, however this is no ordinary bomb. Once it goes off the Hero Cats are in place into a deep slumber allowing the Crow King to make another play for Stellar City. Turns out they got sent to the Crow King’s realm… Skyworld. Midnight was closest to the device when it went off so he gains the ability to talk to Belle, the psychic member of the Hero Cats, but the other Cats aren’t so lucky. Belle tells Midnight she’ll round-up the other cats but he has his own mission. He learns that he, and only he, has the ability to fight the Crow King in his shadow form, which is the form he’s been using on Earth for his own personal gain. So how does Midnight fight the Crow King exactly? By invading his dreams of course! This is exactly what he sets out to do to defeat this super villain while his attention is elsewhere.

Midnight_Over_Stellar_City_3_CoverThe writing of Hero Cats has been inconsistent as there hasn’t really been a villain to grab you but that changes with the introduction of the Crow King. Giving Midnight his own story where he tracks down and fights the Crow King was a stroke of genius by series creator and writer Kyle Puttkammer. Puttkammer put Midnight’s skills on full display in this three issue mini-series that sees him investigate, escape, and fight the Crow King. The other cats don’t make anything more than cameo appearances, but that’s just fine with me. This book is darker than previous issues so we don’t need to see the colourful aspects of Hero Cats we have gotten used to.

Speaking of colour, these books have next to none of it… and it’s awesome!! I don’t remember the last time inking and cell shading have compromised the entirety of a book, but after this series I’m hoping to see more of it. Now this art style wouldn’t work in most books but given its material, Puttkammer did well to get artist Alex Ogle to tackle all the art aspects. It’s part film noir and part abstract, but it’s all awesome.

If you like mysteries, or cats, or mysteries involving cats you’d do well to pick up Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City. All the issues are still available to order but if you’re more of a trade type of person you can get all three issues in a 96-page trade paperback and what better place to get it than over at Big B Comics?