Free Comic Book Day 2016 has come and gone, serving as a pretty exciting time for us comic book readers. For those that don’t know Free Comic Book Day is an annual event in which comic book stores all across North America give away free comics to everyone who comes out. This event always takes place on the first Saturday of May (May 7th this year) and as usual Big B Comics participated in this awesome event. This years comics were a great mixture of everything and there was bound to be something for you whether you are a boy, girl, big or small, for the purpose of this article we’re going to look at some kids books… After all the title is “Grown Man Reads Kids Comics”.

Layout 1Bongo Comics Free-For-All 2016

Here’s a Free Comic Book Day tradition, Bongo Comics is the publisher that publishes all The Simpsons comics and every FCBD they release an issue with multiple stories inside starring all your favourite Simpson characters. But don’t worry parents, unlike the TV show, Simpsons comics are rated as suitable for all-ages. In this issue Springfield bans donuts… How will Homer react to this prohibition? Also Principal Skinner is mistaken for a vampire after a routine dentist appointment, Bart helps the angry mob condemn them. The beauty of this book is usually Bongo’s offerings are no more than 5 pages per story so you get quite a nice mixture so even if one story disappoints you have others to fall back on.

FCBD_2016_Dark_Horse_All_AgesDark Horse Comics All-Ages Sampler

Dark Horse Comics is another publisher with a longstanding FCBD tradition. Every year they release two books to be given away for free. Both books contain one story from three different series, and one of those is always an all-ages offering. This year Dark Horse gives us a Legend of Korra and a Plants Vs. Zombies story, both are Dark Horse series that are usually featured in these types of books but the third series making its debut this year, How To Train Your Dragon, is based on the popular book/TV/movie franchise. So Benders, Zombies and Dragons…. What more could you want? That’s right! Absolutely nothing could make this better.

FCBD_2016_Super_Hero_GirlsDC Super Hero Girls #1

Here’s a book for that special little lady in your life. Super Hero Girls is the launching point of an all new graphic novel aimed at giving young girls a book that they really feel was made just for them. All your favourite female DC characters are all in school, what kind of shenanigans will they get themselves into? Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn and many more are all here. We hope you grabbed this FCBD edition to get ready for the original graphic novel DC Super Hero Girls: Final Crisis that’s bound to be a fun read for your little one, and grown men, like myself.

FCBD_2016_Sonic_SamplerSonic Sampler

Everyone’s favourite blue speedster heads into yet another Free Comic Book Day. Sonic The Hedgehog has shared a FCBD title with Megaman for the last few years as they’ve had crossovers going on so they used FCBD to springboard a prelude to those massive crossovers before using the book last year to introduce the worlds of Megaman X and Sonic Boom to the comic book reading public. This year Sonic rides solo as the only all-ages Archie Comics offering. This book contains preludes to some massive upcoming Sonic events later this year so you’ll be able to get in the Sonic Universe and Sonic The Hedgehog comics.

PSQ_201605FCBD_PokemonPocketComicsLegendaryPokemon.inddViz Media/Perfect Square Pokemon Pocket Comics

In case you have a gamer at home who you want to put down the controller and pick up some literature, Pokemon Pocket Comics is a must grab along with the aforementioned Sonic Sampler. Pokemon Pocket Comics is unlike most comics you’ll grab this FCBD since it doesn’t feature a story, or a series of stories but is rather a series of one-off comic strips, jokes and quizzes. So if you care to buff up on your Pokemon knowledge, hear a series of Pika-puns, or simply want to see what those pocket monsters are really saying to each other when they repeat their name over and over again, this is the book you’ll want to be grabbing this Free Comic Book Day.