Resident Cosplayer Rainer, gives us a quick tutorial on her Fem-Kratos cosplay11051280_666332256822489_110687930_n

With MTCC coming up this weekend, I thought I’d share some of the cosplay I’m working on. I’m in the middle of a Fem-Kratos. And if you’re ever wanting to make a costume and props from scratch, here are some tips I’ve learned:

1. Over estimate your time

If you think it won’t take too long, it probably will take a lot longer than you expect. Account for mistakes, and trips back to the craft/fabric store to fix what you did. Sometimes you have to start over. In the case of my Blades of Chaos, I used foam board and a hot knife to carve. At one point I carved too much, and it didn’t even out, I had to start all over again.

2. It’s OK to screw up once in a while, and get frustrated about it

Don’t give up, but just walk away for a little while. Especially when it comes to sewing, and your machine just hates your life for no reason.11078024_666332250155823_568182143_n

3. Craft stores really are your friend for budget props

As I said, these are made out of foam board, which cost me roughly $25. The most expensive part was the gesso I used as the primer on the exposed foam for the acrylic paint. With foam board, you really want to get a hot knife. It’ll make cutting and carving a whole lot easier. If you’re going to make foam props, sandpaper and a rasp are your best friends for a smooth finish. Wear a face mask and safety glasses.11082739_666332260155822_493200285_n

4. Shop Around

My top was just an old bra I had lying around, I hand sewed the material on, and hot glued every single one of those sequins. Some people sew sequins, some people use rhinestones and epoxy glue or fabric glue. I just had hot glue and it worked. I really just wanted to make my own top the way I wanted to. And thrift stores can be a gold mine for materials. Or even if a local fabric store has a good sale on. I used a dark brown vinyl material on my skirt, which sews nicely, and can pass off as leather, and is much less expensive.

I’ve been working on this cosplay since November. I’m just over half way done. I’ve finished my skirt and arm cuffs in addition to this, I just need my leg armour done, which will be done out of craft foam. Granted, I’m not working on it every day, or I would have been done within a couple of weeks.

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