This week has been busy busy busy!! I had a couple of days away and then a couple of great interviews with some great comic writers and artists.  Including Andy Belanger, Becky Cloonan and James O’Barr please check them out on  Was kind of a big deal for us considering the PR Dept approached us to do it and we’re talking James O’Barr the creator of The Crow we tried not to fan-boy too bad.  Of course this weekend was Toronto ComiCon as well so I had to try to jam almost the entire weeks viewing into like two and a half days.  Still recovering from the Con and back to work thankfully its almost two and half months until the next one.

Sunday, March 15th

Walking Dead (Episode 14: Spend)
Jessie’s owl is trashed and Rick says he will investigate.   A group goes on a supply run to a nearby warehouse and is attacked and hell breaks loose Aiden is impaled and unable to be saved, Tara is knocked out.  As Nicolas escapes, Noah is killed gruesomely and Glen narrowly makes it out alive with Eugene’s aid.  Abraham encounters a herd on a construction site and plays hero and is promoted to foreman by request of the previous foreman.  Sam admits to breaking the owl and Carol realizes there is abuse going on in the house.  Gabriel warns Deanna of the group and that they shouldn’t be trusted.

Once Upon A Time  (Episode 15: Enter The Dragon)
Regina meets up with the evil trio at Granny’s and to test her mettle they play a game of magical chicken with her and a train.  Emma is worried about Regina being undercover and Regina gives tidbits of info to Snow and David about something big coming up and needs more time.  Maleficent gives Regina a job before she is let in on the big secret.  Killian informs Belle of the upcoming plan and possible return of Rumple and to move the dagger.  Regina kidnaps inocchio as part of the plan.  The dagger is given to Killian who is actually Rumple under illusion and turns Pinocchio back into August.


Monday, March 16th

Castle (Episode 17: Hong Kong Hustle)
Beckett investigates the murder of a tow truck worker who was friends with a Hong Kong cop who is already been investigating it and begin working the case together.  After backtracking his scheduled they find out he had met with an FBI agent the day of his murder and the agent stonewalls Beckett.  After finding footage of Henry’s previous boss kidnapping him the FBI put the brakes on the case but Jong goes after him anyways.  Henry’s old boss tells Beckett that he was asking for cocaine which was used to set up someone which leads back to the restaurant he spoke to the FBI agent at and the corrupt owner and leads to one of her smuggled in waitresses.

The Following (Episode 3: Exposed)
Mendez holds a press conference after Clarke’s death and Ryan is confronted about the confession of Clarke before his death.  Mark is pissed that Ryan refuses to admit anything Kyle and Daisy are afraid and attempt to flee but are dissuaded by their contact and they are targettng Max next.  Ryan and team follow up a lead and they an acquaintance of Neil’s but he narrowly escapes capture and threatens Kyle and Daisy for involving him.  After fleeing and his father causing a scene after he sees Neil kill a man.  Neil is tracked down and when he threatens the team they shoot him dead.


Tuesday, March 17th

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (Episode 13: One Of Us)
Cal tracks down another person on the index and SHIELD’s restrictions and offers her a spot on his team to fight back.  Skye is prepared to be analyzed and put onto the index while Cal continues to free other gifted individuals.  Coulson discusses Hunter with Bobbi and their recent relationship and disappearance.  Cal calls out Coulson and SHIELD in his hometown to prevent the suppression of gifted individuals and May holds Skye hostage in front of him.  At the last minute Cal is taken in the blink of an eye.  Mack shows Hunter that he is working for the ‘real’ SHIELD.

The Flash (Episode 15: Out Of Time)
Joe and Barry runs into the death of a coroner who gave up info that he killed a criminal previously and plots his revenge on Joe.  Iris and Eddie start having some rough spots after a recent double date with Barry and Linda.  Martin tracks down Joe and nearly kills him with a blast of lightning.  Martin captures Joe and Iris is baited to a trap.  Wells reveals himself to Cisco as the Reverse Flash and his story and kills him.  While Barry is attempting to stop Martin he goes back in time to the night before.


Wednesday, March 18th

Arrow (Episode 16: The Offer)
Ra’s and Oliver have a discussion about the role of al’Ghul and how he will die alone as Oliver or as the Arrow.  Oliver declines but not before Ra’s has forgiven all debts and releases everyone.  After stopping a diamond heist Oliver visits Cpt. Lanz and gives him a paraphrased ‘go to hell’.  Nyssa confronts Ra’s after her release and her being passed over to take over as Ra’s.  Murmur attacks the precinct when Nyssa, Oliver and Roy appear saving Cpt. Lanz and makes the decision to pass on becoming the next Ra’s.  Ra’s begins to impersonate the Arrow in Starling City.

Supernatural (Episode 15: The Things They Carried)
The boys investigate the murder/suicide of two military personnel.  After an interview with another military wife in the area 2 of the men have come back different and run into Cole once again who tags along.  Cole tracks down his friend and is infected by a wormlike parasite and Dean attempts to electrocute him to rid him of the parasite as they had done previously to no avail.  They turn the cabin into an impromptu sauna and dehydrate Cole to rid him of the parasite unfortunately Sam wasn’t able to save Cole’s friend in time.


Thursday, March 19th

The Vampire Diaries (Episode 17: A Bird in a Gilded Cage)
Caroline fills Enzo in on the recent events and Stefan returns home to weaponize himself.  Elena comes up with a plan to return Stefan’s mom from the prison world to trigger his humanity and then helping Caroline.  Bonnie talks to Kai about getting the Ascendant for the 1903 prison world but will only do it if he goes with her.  Stefan begins plotting his revenge on Caroline for her flipping his switch and forcing her into things she will regret when her switch is flipped back.  Bonnie attempts to murder Kai while in the prison world but instead he is left behind.

The Blacklist (Episode 16: Tom Keen)
Ressler and Reddington go to Germany to retrieve Tom to get Keen off the murder charge and deal with the perjury another timed.  Cooper has a seizure while arguing with Keen about her forcing him to perjure himself.  Reddington introduces himself into Tom’s cover and pushes him out so he has no choice but to come back of his own accord and confess to the murder charge himself.  A rep from the AG office discusses the remainder of the case and presides in the court that the case will not go through.


Friday, March 20th

Grimm (Episode 14: Bad Luck)
Nick begins to deal with the realization that Juliette is a Hexenbiest.  A rabbit-like Wesen has his foot cut off by another Wesen just outside his home.  Nick visits Henrietta to find out that his blood can’t be used to save Juliette because of what he had done with Adalind previously.  Adalind tries to strike a deal with Shawn to be on the same side when it comes to their daughter.  Rosalee and Monroe track down the sale of the feet through a fertility clinic allowing Hank and Nick to kill the hunter.

12 Monkeys (Episode 10: Divine Move)
Ramsey burns all the research on the 12 Monkeys after the new core is installed and Cole is sent back to 2015, Cassie and Aaron then realize it’s not over.  Ramsey runs into The Daughters bearing the 12 Monkeys logo headed by Jennifer and tells him of the witness who knows where the plague started.  While speaking with Jennifer, Helena is shot at killed by the guards of his previous home.  Cassie and Aaron find the originator of the virus but he has already given them the virus.  Ramsey breaks into the facility and after failing to destroy the machine he uses it himself.

Helix (Episode 10: Mother)
Julia continues to bargain with Amy about the infertility information and makes a bargain with Amy becoming immortal.  Amy tries to get an answer out of Landry about where Mother is and demands that Sarah fix Landry after her attempt at making him immortal.  The military continues to scour for the ‘bleeding’ tree to help Kyle with Soren’s help but not before realizing that the ship is contaminated.  Amy retrieves Mother from its hiding place in the bell tower, and Landry and Sergio die in the process.  Julia tells Amy that she can be immortal if they implant Sarah’s baby into her.