There’s a lot of comic books that people won’t touch because they haven’t been told it’s their new favourite series yet. My goal as a Big B Comics employee has always been to change that, to make sure that as a collective group of comic lovers we can always recommend a wide variety of different books to customers instead of falling back on the “easy sells” in this industry. Sure, there are lots of fantastic books that are also easy books to sell (the obvious ones being centered around characters like Spider-Man or Batman), but it’s more fun to take a book that nobody is talking about and know it’s the perfect recommendation for a customer. All of this has resulted in what I hope will be an ongoing series of brief articles like this one you’re (hopefully) reading where I talk about books that few people are reading. This week, I’d like to recommend the comic series, Rumble.


Rumble_Vol1-1Rumble goes a little something like this…a man who looks like he should be homeless walks into a bar where Bobby, one of the lead characters in the comic, works. The two men talk about a few things when suddenly a scarecrow wielding a massive sword busts in and chops off the homeless looking man’s arm. That’s when Rumble starts to get really weird as you discover the sword wielding scarecrow is actually an ancient warrior God trapped in a different body…and he’s one of the good guys. This opens up a whole new world to Bobby and one of his best friends as they dance between the difficult decision as to whether or not they should help this scarecrow, named Rathraq, get his real body back and protect their city.

Rumble, written by John Arcudi and drawn by James Harren, is up there in terms of bizarre but wildly entertaining comic series. You pick up the first issue, go “what the hell did I just read?” and then immediately feel the need to read more. In a lot of ways, Rumble is Hellboy or B.P.R.D. meets Chew, having a darkly comedic approach to the action you see in a twisting, strange world. You get dropped into the story and slowly piece it together yourself before the book really throws any exposition at you. When the book finally does peel back its many layers and shows you what’s under its hood, it’s thoroughly satisfying. John Arcudi seems to relish in the way he writes these comedic but conflicted characters you see in the story, with every good hero carrying some form of burden they can’t shake. Arcudi doubles down on that fact, making not only Rathraq have a tragic life but also saddling Bobby with some tough times as well. The art by James Harren is energetic and fluid, with his gorgeous lines bringing a hyper nature to the comic. So much of the action in the comic is based around quick, sudden movement, which is something Harren just absolutely excels at. Oh, and he gets to draw a ton of weird-looking monsters, which is always a treat!

In short, fans of weird monsters, hilarious stories, and heartfelt moments should definitely read this comic. This comic is perfect for fans of Hellboy and Chew. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you liked those series and then pick up Rumble! As of right now, both the first and second volumes are out which collect the first ten issues of the series. What are you waiting for? You should be reading it.