I thought it would be fun to throw my hat into the ring regarding Game of Thrones predictions after many in-depth conversations with fabulous customers over the past little while. Season five just ended, and I was curious if I’m on the money, or if anyone else out there had any better ideas…I’ll reckon you do.

Keeping this article somewhat organized without jumping all over the place is going to be difficult, but I’ll try my best!

*Full disclaimer* – I’ve only read 1.5 of the book series, so I’m sure those of you who like reading a billion words about heraldry and banquets will have MUCH more insight than I do. I’m basing all of this off the TV show, and applying a “how I would write it” philosophy to the whole thing. Please chime in and correct any grave ignorance and excuse my butchering of how your favorite character’s name is spelled, or if said character already has some sort of resolution…spoiler friendly zone!

There will of course be spoilers! Spoilers of the past five seasons, and potential spoilers of the upcoming seasons should I blindly trip over the truth with my incessant caterwauling.

So let’s start off with the wildly popular theory about Jon Snow then wind our way through Melisandre and Davos.


Jon Snow – Depending on how you look at things, it seems pretty obvious Jon isn’t Ned Stark’s kid. Ned was the Captain America of Westeros and seems unlikely he would cheat on his wife, or kill a baby even if it was a Targaryen at the behest of King Robert.

Ned’s sister Lyanna had a fling with Rhaegar Targaryen, ended up with a half dragon/half Stark baby…that’s the idea. Some people think Robert’s account of things is correct and Rhaegar forcefully took Lyanna against her will, other people think the two were in love and pulled a Romeo & Juliet, shunning both their houses for love.

Lyanna’s last words, “Promise me, Ned.”, seem to make sense in this context.

Bottom line is that the book series is Called “A Song of Ice and Fire” – which pretty much explains that Jon is the true heir to the iron throne. In the title…Ice = North and Fire = Dragon. Then again, this could also be the result of a fantasy book title generator on a geocities website.

There are loads of articles about this theory floating around now, so seek it out if your curiosity extends past my quick explanation.

So…last episode of season five…is Jon dead?

Yup. Sure is. 100%

Does this mean he stays dead?

Nope, sure doesn’t, although we might not see him return ’till season seven. We’ve seen legit magic bring people back to life in the series before – so why not now? Jon dying at Castle Black, and the Red Lady Melisandre ending up in the same place around the same time isn’t just a coincidence is it? How about Melisandre’s insatiable need of “royal blood” and trying to seduce anyone thought to have a claim to the throne? I think Melisandre might bring Jon back, and try to keep him under her thumb much as she did with Stannis, leading him around by the nose.

This won’t end well for the Red Lady, as I can see Davos the onion knight hearing about Stannis sacrificing his daughter, and seeking revenge on Melisandre, perhaps coming to the aid of a bewitched Jon Snow, leading him right to the real heir to the throne, and standing by his side?

Next up…what’s going to happen with the remaining Lannisters?

Cersei – She’s living on borrowed time. As bad as Joffery was, his mother is arguably worse. After her “walk of shame” in season five, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to think she is going to seek retribution at the expense of the subjects of King’s Landing. There will be a rebellion, as this retribution will come from a monarch that is now viewed not as a god, but human as the rest of the serfs. This was the point of that really uncomfortable scene with her walking through town…the people saw her for what she actually was, and this would take a bit of the fear out of revolt. King’s Landing in chaos, finally fed up with the Lannisters. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to the new Lannister death once she finds out…I’m thinking it could be the catalyst pushing her from a cold and calculating tyrant to reactive and rash one.

Tommen – Since Tommen is the king, he’s going to be the target of my estimated revolt. That’s not totally fair since Tommen is a nice lad from what we’ve been shown compared to the majority of his family members. Much as with sieges past, I can see Cersei barricaded in the throne room with her son, trying to wait out the nastiness. They can wait all they want, but his future isn’t in Westeros however, but in Essos to the east! How? Read on!

Jamie (& Bronn!) – So Jamie is heading back to Westeros with a dead Lannister daughter, and if my theory is correct, heading into a King’s Landing that could potentially be in revolt. I can see Jamie and Bronn sneaking through King’s Landing trying to get back to the castle, killing folk, mirroring Cersei’s own walk of shame to a point. They’ll reach the castle, grab Tommen, and leave Cersei to the whims of the vicious mob of citizenry. Character arc complete for Jamie. Full redemption etc, writing, etc. Jamie then decides to bring Tommen back to Essos where another Lannister is hanging out…

Tyrion – This fella is finally going to get his chance to shine in Essos. While constantly looked down upon (unbelievably, no pun intended) in his native Westeros, Daenerys finally gives Tyrion a chance to be in the position he always should have been. With my speculation of Jamie and Tommen being eventually on their way to him, Tyrion has a chance to set up a nice Lannister foothold away from the damage done to the family name by Cersei.

As he has consistently done, Tyrion will show Daenerys that he is not only a capable leader, but a fair and moral one as well. I think Danny takes this as a cue from fate, and leaves Tyrion to it while she bolsters an army for the grand conflict. Tyrion/Tommen/Jamie running the city-state deal in the East.

Side note here – I’ve heard and read some stuff about Tyrion being a Targaryen due to that prophesy mentioned in the book, that has yet to be mentioned in the show. It follows (in a nutshell) in point form (from a wiki of ice and fire):

  • he birth of a male child – a prince. (wrong says Maester Aemon)
  • The prince is of the blood of the dragon.
  • Born amidst smoke.
  • Born amidst salt.
  • A bleeding star in the skies.
  • Possibly the return of dragons (when he was a boy, Aegon Targaryen recalled that King Aerys read about the return of dragons in a prophecy.)

Maester Aemon also says this to Sam Tarly:

The dragon must have three heads … but I am too old to be one of them. I should be with her, showing her the way, but my body has betrayed me.

I think the prophesy is obviously about Daenerys, but characters have said MANY times that these prophecies aren’t exactly what they seem. However, I don’t think the prophesy fits for Tyrion, although I understand the argument for it…I do however think that he’s one of the “three heads”.

Bran, Hodor & the wall.


Bran – I have a feeling Bran might not factor in that largely to the rest of the series in the regular happenings. Well not WHO Bran is as a character, more what he can do, and the ramifications that will have late in the game (of thrones). The show runners cutting him out of season five completely is telling…at least in part. It’s hard to pin Bran down, but I can see his Warg-ing becoming a big deal once dragons reach the shores of Westeros…perhaps a REALLY big deal. We have two dragons that are seemingly out of control, and if Jon is half blood-of-the-dragon, it’s likely he can make friends with one, and that leaves an errant dragon and a Stark boy who can control creatures with his mind…being trained (presumably) by a high magic muckety-muck.

I’m not sure if you remember way back when things weren’t as complicated for the Stark clan, young Bran had himself a “dream” about Winterfell under water. Hm, that far North water comes from melting ice…that much water would require a lot of ice…HEY! That wall is made out of a lot of ice!

I think this vision is likely to come to fruition, as the wall coming down seems like something pretty darn obvious. I’ve heard that the white walkers in the book have a horn that can shatter the wall, battle of Jericho, old Testament style…that might be a little too on the nose, and could be the reason we’ve never seen the show make reference to such a device. Alas, more on the white walkers later.

Hodor – Hodor.

Sansa & Arya


I’ve heard it said before that these characters are two sides of the same coin, and I think that’s accurate. In the beginning Sansa and Arya seemed connected only by family ties and couldn’t be more different personality-wise. After the events of season five, things are a little more interesting than all that.

Sansa – She’s going to end up just like Littlefinger. I don’t mean this in her personality, just in her ability to control her surroundings effectively. Sansa will likely end up quite the champ when all this is over. Remember the big deal about everyone wanting a Stark in Winterfell? Well that’s currently Sansa. It will continue to be Sansa even after the Boltons are driven out. She will stay strong and be the one  remaining family member the Stark clan can return home to. Her mother through and through. Such a far cry from the spoiled girl we saw when the story first started to unfold.

Arya – Fan favorite Arya…MY favorite Arya…isn’t going to make it. I know, I know, but GRR Martin y’all. I’ve got a feeling that George has groomed this young lass as a fan favorite only to cut her down once things kick up. Steps away from reuniting with her sister, scratching that last name off her list, the possibilities are vast, but GRRM is getting a little too predictable with killing folk we love, and I think he’s got another Stark on his hit list.

The Queen Of Dragons


Daenerys – So Danny is back among the Dothraki hordes. I’ll admit I was a little surprised to see her more or less back at square one during the close of season five, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it other than treading water until the big final conflict…I hope.

I’m of a few minds when it comes to possible outcomes for her. First, I think it’s likely (as stated above) that she leaves the running of Essos to Tyrion and ends up becoming a figurehead of how rulers should operate. Or perhaps she dies.


Yeah…I was thinking about how the family name could be repaired here, and if the theory about Jon Snow being half dragon is true, we end up with him *possibly* coming back and would be really held at arm’s length when the truth comes out. Danny sacrificing herself so that the world can prosper would be a thing she would do. She’s consistently putting others before herself, they don’t refer to her as mother constantly for nothing.

She was to be a mother with the child of Drogo, that didn’t work out to say the least. Then she went on to be the mother of Dragons, which has had mixed results, only 1/3 of them actually paying her any mind. Continually we see her freeing slaves, being refereed to as “Mhysa” or, as we’d say, mother.

This mom thing is a pretty prevalent theme that follows her around. Does she eventually become mother to the world? A new world, made in the image of her morality? I have no clue, but it seems likely that’s where we’re heading.

White Walkers


White Walkers – I think it’s pretty safe to say one of the closing shots of the next season will feature a white walker crossing the threshold of the wall into Westeros proper. This may occur earlier than that, but seems unlikely with the amount of things going on at the wall. They’re an unrelenting force that are extremely difficult to kill and they’re getting close. It would be a HUGE stall if this didn’t happen. Will they end up conquering Westeros? I think that’s pretty unlikely…they’ll get pretty far mind you, but once the humans get their act together, casting them back shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

That’s if they can of course.

I think the white walkers exist for the same reason Ozymandias created that giant alien thing in the Watchmen – a common foe to unite the world. In a region so racked by conflict and backstabbing, the white walkers would be completely necessary to keep these fools in line every few years. This puts a huge question mark on their purpose. Were they created by the old gods for this reason? Are they just a dalek-like force of extermination?

So…how does it all end?


Happily ever after…no really!

George Martin has crafted a pretty dark thing here, and the last thing anyone expects is…

Well, yes that…AND a “happy” ending to Game of Thrones.

I’m not talking sunshine, lollipops and rainbows here (yes…a Lesley Gore reference. I’m 80 years old apparently.), I’m talking a happy ending in relation to the rest of the story.

Tyrion, Tommen and Jamie now rule in Essos, repairing their family’s tarnished reputation…Zombiejon © in Westeros running things, and Danny queen/figurehead of the whole lot, either dead or alive, while the White Walkers are pacified by the united front. This is a big stretch, I realize, as all my above predictions need to be at least close for this to happen, but I think it would be pretty neat.

Martin has been throwing twist after twist at us, killing our favorite characters, and then some. I think the smart money is on the whole thing ending like a Shakespearean tragedy, but I always bet (and lose) with my heart, so happy ending it is.

This will of course all come at a great cost, and likely be temporary as peace usually is in fictional lands like Westeros and even on our own real-life world, where as we all know, Trent Reznor rules the land from the Iron Throne.


So how do YOU think Game of Thrones is going to play out? Got a theory on a character I left out? Let me know in the comments below!