In the spirit of good fun and wild speculation, I would like to propose to the folks out there in/on/of the internet that two Marvel comics characters are one in the same, yet could not be any more different on the surface. Their similarities might not just be in accidental characterization either, but perhaps in design as well…doubtful, but I can hope!

So Steve Rogers…Wade Wilson.┬áSame dude…well a clone perhaps. You saw the title picture – this isn’t a surprise to anyone, and yeah, I’m gonna have to prove it to you, or at least instill some reasonable doubt so you don’t yell at me on the internet.


(Eight gods approach earth weilding the weapons of asgard, and cap threatens them with a rifle. Tell me cap isn’t just a little bit crazy.)

So let’s look at these two as far as a shared past goes.

We all know Cap was “created” during WW2, super soldier serum etc, etc, last one left. Steve’s origin story might not be as well known as Batman or Spider-Man, but I’d wager it’s pretty darn close in the post-Marvel/Disney movie pop-culture tsunami.

How about Deadpool? We have some hints but nothing overly concrete, which is kind of funny since he’s easily one of Marvel’s most popular characters. I’m reminded of the Joker where there is no “official” origin story (even though the origin in Alan Moore’s Killing Joke is a clear favorite), as the story is always told from their point of view, and guys like Deadpool and Joker embody the idea of an “unreliable narrator” to say the least. We do know that Deadpool was probably a guy named Wade Wilson (although this has been brought into question a few times) who had cancer. He joined up with the weapon X program at the promise that it would heal him.

What is Weapon X? Well for those that don’t know how to google, or never cared – the “X” isn’t the letter X, but the roman numeral for ten. Weapon 1? The same project that gave us Captain America. These “weapon” projects are essentially made to best mimic the results and expand upon the Weapon 1 program, to make a new Captain America with varying levels of success throughout the years.

Now I know that Deadpool has a healing factor and Cap does not (at least not nearly to the degree that Deadpool has), keep in mind that his healing factor was inserted later in life, and was not a naturally occurring mutation like Logan’s for instance.

So We’ve got a guy whose super-(anti)hero persona and ability came from a government experiment meant to replicate and improve upon the creation of Captain America. So far so good…how about their childhoods?

This is where things get interesting. We already know that Deadpool either has a damaged memory, or is unwilling to spill the beans about his origin, likewise little is known about Cap’s origins either. Granted we know a bit more about Cap, but one thing I find fascinating is that Deadpool seems to hold on to certain memories, one of which is his abusive father. Now these memories are all over the place, and there are many conflicting images. The things that seem to rise to the surface, are that Deadpool has:

a) an abusive father

b) a mother that died at a young age.

There are accounts that Deadpool killed his parents, one parent, no parents, had step-parents, but the general theme of mom & dad is seen above with examples a & b. What does this have to do with Cap?

Steve Rogers had an abusive father, and a mother that died at a young age. Now, i’m sure this combination isn’t exactly rare in the world, but consider that Deadpool’s memory is shot to pieces. Is it possible┬áhe’s remembering Steve’s childhood and doing his best to piece together how it applies to him like so much frog DNA in the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park?

Onwards to abilities and physical stuff!

One thing that sets Steve Rogers apart from his compatriots is his ability to put a plan together. There is a reason this fella runs the avengers, and that is one heck of a tactical mind. Now I know I’m not telling you anything new, but consider that Deadpool has the same ability. Deadpool might seem like a guy who kind of “goes with the flow” and falls into heaps of luck with the timing of events – but what if he’s planned these things all along? If you keep in mind that Deadpool is unreliable to even himself, it seems likely that he sees himself as this random force of nature, but when in all reality, is planning things on the level of Cap himself. Sometimes Deadpool does present certain set pieces as “I had this planned all along”, but either way a brilliant mind for strategic planning exists.

Cap’s shield is another marker of ability, where you have super accurate and dexterous characters like Hawkeye struggling to use it, whereas Deadpool has been shown a few times easily catching, and using Cap’s shield. (I seem to remember a Marvel database entry on Deadpool mentioning that he was one of the few Marvel characters that could use the shield as well as Steve, but I think that’s been edited out once Sam Wilson took over as Captain America, so feel free to ignore as you see fit.)

Taskmaster, whose ability to copy the styles of anyone and everyone, stated that Deadpool was a tricky one to mimic due to his unpredictability, but knows that Wade always dodges to the left. Cap keeps his shield in his left hand. Now this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s just another of those fun coincidences that are neat to think about when formulating a theory. Since Wade favors his left, has been shown to write with his left hand, and Cap throws his mighty shield with his left, it’s pretty obvious they’re both southpaws…a group that accounts for only 10 percent of the world’s population.

Here’s a better one –

Deadpool is all gross and burned up as we all know…but what does he look like when his healing factor kicks into overdrive?


Bam. Blonde hair, blue eyes, square jaw. Remind you of anyone?

Now if you look up Deadpool in the Marvel database, it states that he has brown eyes, where Cap has blue. Both of these are true, but whenever Deadpool FULLY heals…he has blue eyes. You can see this recently in Deadpool’s Secret Wars tie-in as well…and if you want me to get SUPER detailed, yes this is possible as diseases can change eye-color on rare occasions.


If none of that sways you, take a look at his boxers, dead giveaway!