It’s been roughly three months since The Force Awakens opened in theaters. There’s a good chance you saw it more than once (alas here’s your spoiler warning just in case), and rightfully so. The team that worked on it did a stellar job. However there’s a weird Twilight Zone-type universe where I worked on it, and here’s what I would do differently, and how the story would progress beyond Episode 7. Feel free to let me know how you would change things/keep them the same or let me know why this article is the worst thing that ever happened in the comments section below.

The first major change I would make is removing the Starkiller base.



This would have been kind of cool though.


If there was one part of the movie that made me roll my eyes, it was how the new Death Star (let’s call it what it is) was handled. I get the idea they wanted to go along with George Lucas’ idea of the movies “rhyming”, but after two of these things, and with an assumed fracture in the imperial power structure, and the fractured resources that go along with such things– why would they do this? Yes, yes, the thing worked and did what the First Order needed it to do (after a single use, mind you), but it seems like a really big gamble.

All that aside, plot-wise we could have got a big moment that shed some more light on the political climate (not too much light however), and given us a way to learn more about our heroes. So I’m suggesting that the Starkiller base would get removed in my draft and replaced with – an assassination plot against General Leia.

This plot would fail of course, as Leia is kind of the biggest bad-ass in the Star Wars universe. Most people cower in fear of Darth Vader, not her:



The look on her face is less “fear”, more “I can’t believe you’re this stupid.”


News of this assassination attempt would spread through the galaxy, bringing in Han and Chewbacca. Here we can actually learn why Leia and the New Republic are at odds. It doesn’t have to be a two-hour exposition, but a few lines explaining some of the things that have happened in the past 30 years would be nice.  Also, we’d get Lucas’ rhyming as well – Han rushing in to save the princess, but she’s already saved herself. That rhymes pretty well with Episode 4, while not directly lifting script notes and changing the names of things. We’d find out that the would-be assassin was associated with the New Republic, and our plucky band of resistance fighters headed up by the trusted Poe Dameron have their backs to the wall – not knowing who to trust. Neat!

We can still have the First Order, Snoke, Kylo, Phasma, iTroopers and all that cool stuff, although making them the potential orchestration committee behind the proposed Leia assassination would be fun, as they would have their hooks in the New Republic – explaining why Leia dropped them (NR) like a bad habit. The movie doesn’t need to go on and on about it either (I’m looking at you, prequels), and we can even keep the rest of the find Luke/meet the new cast stuff.

Now I get that “just blow it up” is far easier, and less to write – and admittedly much more fun (we can blow other things up, I promise!) but I feel that my questions going in to Episode 7 were the same ones coming out of the theater.

The Kylo is a Solo/Dead Han/Luke is Colonel Kurtz/Rey is really a force-user stuff surprised few (judging from the fine folks I talk to in the store), even for those that remained spoiler free. As I am fond of saying, the football barely moved down the field. Sure, we got the cool pre-game show, and player introductions – but it feels like a big unsatisfying question mark at the end of it all…like the concept was more about stringing people along with a few mysteries than telling a story. Reminds me of something…


Oh JJ, I tease. You did good.


Now going forward towards Episode 8, there are a few things I’d like to see/not see.


In this image released by the Maury show, veteran TV personality Maury Povich is shown on the set of his syndicated talk show, "Maury," in Stamford, Conn. In the post-Oprah Winfrey daytime world, these are good days to be Maury Povich, who shares with Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos a studio converted from a theater 45 miles northeast of New York. His show has its best ratings in five years. "Maury" is the top talk show among young viewers. (AP Photo/The Maury Show)

I’m trying to avoid a space version of this basically.


Rey is NOT Luke’s daughter. We already have Kylo/Ben. Not everyone in this universe needs to be the son/daughter of someone else. I’m cool with her being previously trained/mind-wiped by Luke, heck I’m fine with the possibility of her being a clone of Luke! (there was a hand attached to that lightsaber in Episode 5…lots of Skywalker DNA kicking around).

Finn is NOT Lando’s kid. Continued from above: Now I’m fine with characters having children, just not “the only important people in the galaxy as a close relation to this one family” thing. “But…the force!” you might say – and you’d be right, however without limitations the force kind of turns into a sonic screwdriver…a really lazy way to get people where they need to be. Let’s stop that please.

Rey goes to the dark side. Yup – we know that the force can bind itself to objects, so why not a lightsaber? If there was ever going to be a dark-side object, I feel the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker would be a good fit with all the child murder and whatnot. Now here’s the kicker – Did Vader try to save Luke from the dark side by separating the saber from his body? He couldn’t just say “Hey fella, that object which is your only means of defense right now? Could you get rid of it please?” Of course we know it was too late, and Luke went all dark-side anyways:


force choke

Our noble hero force choking a fella.


luke leaves

“Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, will conquer Vader and his Emperor. If you end your training now – if you choose the quick and easy path as Vader did – you will become an agent of evil.”

Sure Luke accomplished some good – I mean I think he did. Vader is the one that killed the Emperor, Lando blew up the Death Star, Han and Leia took out the shield generator, Ackbar commanded the fleet…Luke….good job buddy! I think Luke conquered the dark side (for the most part) and is now using both when we see him in Episode 7. Balance to the force etc, etc. However, Rey now has that lightsaber which she had an oh-so-interesting reaction to (hearing screaming kids, et al.).

So that’s it for my incoherent babbling for now. Does anyone out there have any thoughts about Episode 7 (any changes you’d make, or was it perfection?), 8 or 9? Comments section is located below!