CHEW_TP_VOL_06_SPACE_CAKESContinuing on with their food crimes story, Image Comics has released the newest trade paperback of Chew, now up to volume six . In the aftermath of the last volume, Tony Chu is in critical care in the hospital with his sister Toni trying to help him out. Like Tony, Toni also has an ability to get psychic impressions from things she eats, only instead of knowing where it came from, Toni can see the future on anything she eats.

Having somebody other than Tony Chu be the focus of the story is pretty refreshing. I have heard some people say that Chew had been getting a little bit stale having Tony keep doing the same thing over. For me that was happening, and having Toni be the focus makes the story completely renewed. Toni’s adventures are very funny and have her remembering past events with some of the agent characters in the book. This volume of Chew also includes the one-shot “Secret Agent Poyo” following our favorite homicidal rooster.

With a surprise twist ending and great comedy writing with cool artwork, you can’t really go wrong paying only $14.99 for 6 issues of a great comic in one awesome bright pink book!