Mara_1Mara Prince is a global celebrity. She’s pretty much the most talented athlete around and branded by mega companies around the world. But when she starts getting superhuman abilities everything changes.

When all of Mara’s friends stop talking to her, and her sponsors reject her because of said powers, Mara starts to rebel against society. When the army and government start to chase her she lets them know that she won’t just sit back and let them abuse her.

Mara is a great story about a young woman who gets super powers and shows how society reacts to things that they have never seen before. Brian Wood takes us on an amazing journey in a future world beautifully designed and drawn by Ming Doyle. You can check out Mara now at your local Big B Comics. The 136 page softcover collects the entire 6 issue mini series in full colourĀ for a cool $12.99.