Green_Arrow_MustacheIt’s November. That means all sorts of guys, myself included, are growing mustaches to spread awareness for prostate cancer. One fine afternoon when I was pondering life and petting my dirty Movember mustache, I had a thought: There aren’t a ton of super heroes out there past or present that have rocked the ‘stache. Here are a few of the best Super ‘staches I could come up with.

irst off is our friend Oliver Queen, otherwise known as Green Arrow. His suave blonde mustache hasn’t been included in the New 52 version (rocking a chin strap instead, for shame), but in the past he has been known to rock a nice twirly mo. Some may argue that because it is part of a goatee it doesn’t count, but it’s my article, so my rules!

Dr_Strange_MustacheNext on our list is the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange. Often seen with a finely carvedmustache, and sometimes seen with a nice bushy Hulk Hogan style handle bar, Doc Strange can surely be classified as a true mustache connoisseur when it comes to super hero.

Viltrum_MustacheNow for the crème de la crème of super staches: the Viltrumites. From the pages of Invincible, the males from the Viltrumite planet all have pretty rockin’ mustaches. More often than not I would rate their mustaches as on par with the late, great Freddie Mercury (basically the pinnacle of ‘stache supremacy). The Viltrumites are tough sons of guns who don’t take no trash from  no one. They also happen to have some pretty awesome facial hair. Coincidence? I think not.

So there you have it. The best of the best of mustaches from the comic book world. Guys, keep growing those ‘staches, and girls, try to be kind to those of us who can’t quite get a super level mustache going quite yet. Happy Movember everybody!