Last_Christmas_coverTis the season to be jolly. We are approaching the Holiday season which means that people will be looking for reading material to get them in the Christmas spirit. Well my friends, The Last Christmas will most certainly not get you there.

In The Last Chirstmas comedian, and Deadpool writer Brian Posehn take Santa Claus and his merry elves on a Mad Max style journey. Marauders have taken over most of the work in this post-apocalyptic book. There has been a great tragedy at the North Pole and Santa has no want to continue in the Christmas tradition. With all hope lost Santa is drinking himself stupid and trying to die. But Santa cannot die until nobody believes in him anymore. And there is one boy who won’t let go of his belief.

When Santa pays this boy a visit with a chainsaw that most certainly isn’t a gift saw (you’ll get it when you read the book) the boy starts to lose faith in Santa. But while Santa is there it is revealed that the strong hold isn’t so safe for the boy and Santa must later come to the rescue.

Taking Santa into a completely uncharted territory, The Last Christmas is a gory, raunchy, and hilarious take on the typical Christmas book. It is a must read for any comedy lover, Brian Posehn fan, or somebody who isn’t super keen on keeping a great image of Santa in there head. The Last Christmas has become a must read for the Holiday season for me and should for you too!