swamp thign toyEver since I read the Alan Moore run of Swamp Thing, I’ve been on a mission to collect anything and everything Swamp Thing that I can find. And let’s be honest here, there isn’t much to get out there. But with the recent success of the Scott Snyder run on SwampThing for the New 52 DC has made a deluxe action figure for our beloved avatar of the Green.

This figure, based off of the Yanick Paquette design from right around the Rot World story arc of Swamp Thing (read it, its really cool) this figure stands 8” tall. And with a 13” wing span on this sucker, the figure will take a commanding spot along any toy collection. Swamp Thing comes with a removable sword and shield to attach to his arms. The detail in this figure is unreal.

If you have a Swamp Thing void in your collection, you pretty much have to get your hands on this figure. The DC New 52 toy line has been nothing but great so far and this one is no exception. Pick up this giant action figure at your local Big B for a cool $49.99.