Numbercruncher_InteriorBetween X-Men Legacy and Six Gun Gorilla, Simon Spurrier is taking my comic book reading habits by storm. He has just been killing it lately with everything he touches. And this week a new hardcover of one of his newest projects is out. It still does not hesitate to deliver.

Numbercruncher is the story of two men dealing with the afterlife and reincarnation. The Karmic Accountancy is the afterlife organization who takes care of reincarnation through making deals with people to work for them as agents to re-enforce the rules of how the system works. Zane, our main character is the current agent looking after the case of the Mathematician.

The Mathematician is looking to exploit the system and our surly friend Zane who may not be as smart but can certainly throw his weight around. We go through a crazy journey of the Mathematician exploiting the system and Zane on a mad goose chase after him.

With engaging art that switches between full colour and black & white, Numbercruncher delivers a fast paces, clever, and ever changing world that any comic lover will enjoy. Plus you will be supporting a small company, Titan Comics, who have been putting out some quality stuff as of late. Plus you can say you were reading Simon Spurrier books before he makes it huge!