Polarity_coverThe “Hipster” sub culture has been taking over in North America for the last few years. You may not enjoy the sub culture, but you can’t deny that it is here. Max Bemis, singer of alt rock band Say Anything, takes his first step into writing comics in Polarity for Boom! Studios.

In Polarity, we follow Tim Woods, an artist in Brooklyn that has a large hipster following. Tim suffers from being bipolar and is on medication for what he thinks is subduing depression and mania. He soon finds out that the medication is actually holding back very strong super powers.

With the discovery of his powers, and the group of people that are behind the stopping of said powers. When then go on a wild, violent ride with Tim while he fights the villainy set against him all the while working on a new love interest.

Polarity is certainly a book that anybody looking for a book with a fresh take on super powered humans from a new writer. The very original art by Jorge Coelho gives this book a very unique look. Polarity is well worth the read, especially at the cool price point of only $14.99.