For years now one of my favorite comic creators has been Michael Allred. I have been on a mission to gather up and consume anything and everything Allred that I can get my hands on. His style is a mash-up between pop-art and 50’s-60’s comic book art that really makes reading anything he does instantly fun to look at.

Starting out in the late 80’s with a graphic novel called Dead Air, Allred started to make a name for himself. Very soon after that Image Comics published what he might be best known for – Madman.Madman took Allred to a main stream audience, letting everybody know who he was. Though the TPs for Madman are beginning to go out of print and become hard to find, they should be read by anybody who is a fan or is interested in Allred’s work.

Allred hit the big two comic publishers starting in the early 2000’s drawing X-Force and X-Statix with writer Peter Milligan. This run is a ton of fun to read and is almost a farce of what mainstream super hero comics were at that time. Allred then did stories inWednesday Comics with writer Neil Gaiman.

After a good run on a book called iZombie, Allred did a few issues for Wolverine and the X-Menand Daredevil before getting an ongoing spot on the Marvel Now title FF. Now that FF is coming to an end I was worried that I would have no outlet to keep my Allred love going. But just as I started to worry, Marvel announced that Allred would be drawing Silver Surfer with writer Dan Slott for the new wave of Marvel Now! Titles.

 So if you want an all around fun comic experience, check out some of Michael Allred’s work and keep an eye out for his new ongoing Silver Surfer in late March of this year!