INFINITY_1Unfortunately, this will not be an article about Toy Story. It will be about Marvel’s latest event, and one of my favorite Marvel events to date: Infinity.

Jonathan Hickman takes us into the world of fan-favorite Marvel villain Thanos in the 6 part Infinity. The Mad Titan is on the loose again and he is after his one remaining son from his previous conquests. The son of Thanos, or Thane as he is now known, is holed up on Earth somewhere so of course Thanos is going to be coming to cause trouble in our world.

The Avengers will have to stop Thanos and his armies from space, while teaming up with races like the Kree, Skrulls, and Inhumans. The full Avengers line-ups from all the teams work together in this fight and epic battles ensue.

With the lovely mind of Hickman writing a truly epic war, and awesome artists like Leinil Yu, Jim Cheung, and Jerome Opena on board, Infinity turns out to be a pretty great event.

You can pick up the brand new complete over-sized hardcover of Infinity now for $75. In one deluxe package you get Infinity#1-6, New Avengers #7-12, Avengers
#12-23, and Infinity Infinite Comic #1-2. That’s a whole lot of comics!