BREATH_OF_BONES_A_TALE OF_THE_GOLEM_COVERFor the past few years Steve Niles has proven that he can write a mean monster book. So when Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem came out I figured that is exactly what I would be in for. Turns out that Breath of Bones is that and much more!

In Breath of Bones, a British WWII plane crashes down in a small Jewish town very close to Nazi occupied grounds. This of course brings the attention of nearby Nazi forces. The people of the town rescue the pilot of the plane but there is much uproar when they decide to hide him in the town from the Nazis.

An elderly man makes a brave sacrifice to save the townspeople and create something much larger than anyone would ever think. The man’s grandson is able to create a Golem that he can control to fight for them and protect all.

Mixing the Jewish folklore background of Golems, and some awesome WWII fiction, Steve Niles is able to create an absolutely amazing, emotionally driven comic book story in a short three issue series. The black and white art by Dave Watcher is able to get the emotional side of the story out with some awesome expression drawing. You can pick up the newly released, pretty over sized hardcover collection of Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem for a wallet-friendly $14.99 at Big B!