DAREDEVIL_1I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Man Without Fear, Daredevil, for years. I even like the movie from 2003 (yeah I said it). So when we got a new #1 issue for Mr. Murdock I was over the hills and far away to San Francisco with him.

After revealing that he is Daredevil at the end of the last run, Matt Murdock was forced to not practice law in New York anymore. So he did what any of us would have done. He packed everything up and moved across country to the opposite coast. Now he is helping out local police and saving little girls with bombs in them. Pretty awesome, I know.

Mark Waid proved that he could write good old Double D with his last run that lasted 36 issues. And his partner in crime Chris Samnee can really tell a story with his pencils. So if you are what seems to be one of the rare Daredevil fans like me, or want something cool and new to read, check out the All New Marvel Now #1 for Daredevil. It’s our book of the month!