Since the New 52 hit shelves in September of 2011, Greg Capullo has been wowing us with his fantastic artwork on the flagship Bat-Title, Batman. DC has now released some awesome toys from the Bat-World that feature the artistic design of Capullo.

This release of toys includes 4 new figures. This includes the character Talon from the fan favorite story arc Court of Owls. This will be the first time that DC has released a toy for this new character whom fans have fallen in love with.

Also in this assortment we get famous Bat-Villain the Riddler, former Robin Nightwing, and of course everybody’s favorite man behind the cowl, Batman himself.

These great figures have already hit shelves for the low price of just $24.99. Come in to your local Big B Comics this week to make sure you get your hands on these cool new DC collectibles right away!