Going, going… come in before they are all gone!

They’re beautiful, rare and sometimes a little out of our budget. Variant covers in comics are awesome! But sometimes we just can’t justify buying that awesome cover even though we would love and display it forever! Well NO MORE! Big B Comics is having our super rare Variant Cover Sale! All variants over one week old are now… Get Ready For It… 50% OFF!!!!!!!

That’s right, for a limited time, all variants are 50% off that means all $9.99 are now $5! all 24.99 are just $12.50!  Some of you might say “Hey that’s not exactly 50%!” Well to you I say “We’re not that good and mathing…” because math is a verb now!

Such awesome things included in this sale are: The Amazing Spider-Man in motion covers! Or many of the New 52 sketch variants! Or even the awesome cool Ghostbusters ongoing series variants! That’s a lot of variants! That’s a lot of awesome! Very limited supplies! We only have one of most of these items! Check em out!