I wont lie, I picked up Spider-Men #1 on a whim after watching The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters. It was a number one, a great jumping on point for any reader, so I decided to try it out. I had little expectations going in and I came out pleasantly surprised.

The story throws the main universe’s Peter Parker into the Ultimate Universe where he falls into the path of Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. After a double dose of the famous Spidey repartee Peter Parker discovers that he definitely isn’t in Kansas anymore and worse, everyone knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man!

Spider-Men is written by the famous Spidey scribe Brian Michael Bendis who is at his peak when he’s writing Spider-Man. Bendis is joined by artist Sara Pichelli¬† (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man) and the two make an awesome team on this series.

Spider-Men issues one, two, and three are all available at Big B Comics for the low cover price of $3.99!